The L.A. Times Candy Bar Rankings By The Paper's Food Writer

Lucas Kwan Peterson writes “It’s June, which means that we have the longest day of the year to look forward to this month. And after that, it’s all downhill until we descend into complete darkness. You may occasionally wonder, what’s it all for? Is it possible to truly attain intimacy with another person given the loneliness of our individual bodies? Will we ever be able to stop looking at Instagram no matter how many Screen Time limits we put on our phones?

At times like this, all you can do is try your best, and eat a lot of candy. Fortunately, I’m here with the unassailable, infallibly factual and 100% correct L.A. Times Candy Bar Power Rankings. I have judged every candy bar in known existence (with the exception of ones I deemed unworthy or could not find at CVS, or both) and ranked them by the metrics of 1) taste and 2) attractiveness of the wrapper.

His Top 10:

1) Take 5

2) Butterfinger

3) Payday

4) Snickers

5) Toblerone

6) Twix

7) Baby Ruth

8) Whatchamacallit

9) Charleston Chew

10) Oh Henry!

The complete list can be found here.

Michael Berry

Michael Berry

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