Farmer Amputates Own Leg With Pocket Knife After It Gets Stuck In Machinery


Kurt Kaser, a farmer in Pender Nebraska, says he was unloading corn when he accidentally stepped into the corn hopper.

He tells KETV that “It just sucked my leg in and I was trying to pull it out, but it kept pulling.I thought, ‘How long am I going to stay conscious here?’ I didn’t know what to expect. I felt it jerk me again and I thought it would grab me and pull me further.”

With no cell phone on him and no one around, Kaser said he didn’t know how long he’d be waiting for help or whether he’d lose consciousness and ultimate get sucked into the hopper.

So decided that the only way he was going to survive was to saw his leg off with a pocket knife.He says “I just started sawing on it.When I was cutting it, the nerve endings, I could feel, like, the ping every time I sawed around that pipe, and all at once it went and it let me go and I got the heck out of there.” Kaser then crawled to the nearest phone .

Kaser expected to get a prosthetic leg and get back to farming.

He says about the incident, “make the best of it is all you can do. It could have always been worse.”

Michael Berry

Michael Berry

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