AOC Unintentionally Disproves Global Warming Alarmism In Less Than :60

Earlier this week socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) reached peak levels of ridiculousness at a Green New Deal rally in Washington DC.

Appearing before a live audience, while being televised on C-SPAN to people all over America, AOC unintentionally disproved global warming alarmism (in less than 60 seconds).

As she stood before the podium the young socialist proclaimed, "It was reported today that this weekend for the first time in human history we have reached atmospheric levels of carbon at 400 parts per million. This has never been seen in recorded human history. In fact, meteorologist Eric Holthaus, and journalist said, simply about this measurement and development, 'We do not know a planet like this. The last time our planet hit 415 was in the Pliocene period. Bacteria and diseases we have never seen before roamed the Earth.'"

Quiet, everyone! She's sciencing! Or is she actually just higher than the CO2 levels?

Just so we're all 100% clear, the Pliocene period was a time in Earth's history when mammals, birds and reptiles roamed the earth with some of the earliest ancestors of humans known as Australopithecus. Actual homo sapiens didn't come along until millions of years later.

AOC proclaiming Earth was covered with bacteria that humans had never seen before is a ridicolous statement to make simply because there were no humans in existence to see any bacteria. Of any kind. Thankfully the mammals of the Pliocene era saved Earth by decreasing their carbon emissions! Maybe they drove hybrids?

Of course, if you listen carefully, you'll realizing she's defeating her own case for man made global warming. 

A couple months ago a group of environmentalists at the World Economic Forum published an article about a bunch of civilizations who supposedly fell because of global warming. The used the Mayans, the Vikings and Mesopotamia as examples. The problem is, these civilizations all existed before the use of fossil fuels.

That's the same logic AOC is using in this absurd rant: the Earth had a dangerous level of CO2 and somehow mammals were still able to survive and humans still evolved and survived.

In all reality, AOC has never seen any bacteria of any kind. She's a bartender masquerading as a scientist. Someone else clearly prepared this statement for her and it doesn't sound like she's explaining this information correctly (or at least, not the way they explained it to her).

We'll assume the person who spoon fed her this crap was meteorologist "and journalist" Eric Holthaus. You've probably never heard of him but he's one of those guys who thinks flying in a plane and procreation are immoral. Are you a parent who recently flew from Dallas to Miami on a business trip? If you answered yes to that question, Eric Holthaus thinks you're the devil! If there were an earlier time in human history, Eric would simply be tolerated as the village cranky-pants. Instead, his ability to write things has now allowed the rest of us to see his true mental illness on full display (more on that in a minute).

Here's what's really amazing about people who push this brand of junk science: they're either (A) too stupid to stop and think about they're saying before they say it, (B) they think we're so stupid we don't understand what they're saying, or (C) a combination of both.

People like AOC believe the only reason Earth can experience high CO2 levels stems from humans doing something very bad. It's a mental illness, like anorexia, gender dysphoria or Trump derangement syndrome (red hat bad too)! Climate change alarmism syndrome should be treated like any other mental disorder. 

We're dealing with mass narcissism here, folks. These far-left so-called environmentalists think humans are terrible creatures who exist on Earth for unnatural reasons and only they (other humans) can save us from ourselves. That's a warped sense of ego masquerading as the reality they created for themselves.

And AOC is their new pseudo science religious leader. 

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