Sen Mike Lee Uses Pic Of Pres. Reagan On Dinosaur To Expose Green New Deal


He says:

"I rise today to consider the Green New Deal with the level of seriousness it deserves.

This is a picture of former President Ronald Reagan firing a machine gun while riding on the back of a dinosaur.

You will note both the rocket launcher strapped to his back, and the stirring patriotism of the velociraptor holding up the tattered American flag.

Now, critics might quibble with this depiction of the climactic battle of the Cold War, because – while awesome – in real life there was no climactic battle, with or without velociraptors.

The Cold War was won without firing a shot.

But that quibble actually serves our purposes here today, Mr. President.

Because this image has as much to do with overcoming Soviet communism in the 20th century as the Green New Deal has to do with overcoming climate change in the 21st.

The aspirations of the proposal have been called radical and extreme. But mostly they are ridiculous..."

Michael Berry

Michael Berry

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