(NC-17/NSFW) How Oral Sex Is Causing Cancer

At this point, you've heard of HPV.  We all have.  It's one of those STDs that's EVERYWHERE, and it has a reputation for being especially bad for women . . . because it can cause cervical cancer.

Well . . . it's definitely bad for women.  But according to experts, it turns out it's actually WORSE for men.

They found that men are FOUR TIMES more likely than women to get cancer from HPV.  And we're talking about oral cancer, since men are contracting it during cunnilingus.

Men are also more likely to get infected with the higher-risk strains that can cause cancer . . . and their bodies do a worse job at wiping out the infection.

Even the top HPV researchers in the country aren't sure why HPV is so hard on men.

So what can you do?  BY FAR the best bet is to get the HPV vaccine to avoid it in the first place.  

(Sacramento Bee)

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