VIDEO: O.J. Simpson Is Free ... Who's After Him Now

Well, it happened.  O.J. SIMPSON is breathing the same free air as you today.  After nine years behind bars in Las Vegas, The Juice was let loose Sunday morning, just after midnight. 

They snuck him out in the middle of the night to avoid any "incidents".  He was picked up by an unidentified friend.  A spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections says he was, quote, "upbeat, personable, and seemed happy to get on with his life." 

Now the family of Ron Goldman is hot on his heels with claims Simpson owes them $70M.


So what's on O.J.'s agenda now that he's a free man?  Well, back in July, one of his friends said he wants to visit NICOLE BROWN's grave.

O.J. plans to go back to Florida, but Attorney General Pam Bondi wants to DENY him permission to live there.  O.J.'s attorney called her the "stupidest person on the planet," and said she can't do anything about it.

For now, O.J. is staying with some friends in Las Vegas.  And he's still got $25,000 a month in pensions that he can live on.  His net worth has been estimated at anywhere between $250,000 and $3 million. 

Whoever picked O.J. up from prison in Lovelock, Nevada drove him to Las Vegas, and that's quite a haul . . . It's more than 400 miles.

And the paparazzi must have been tailing him, because they caught up to the car at a rest stop not far from Vegas.  O.J. was NOT happy to see them.

The guy asked him where he was headed and how it felt to be free, and he said, quote, "Y'all stalkin' me?  Jesus, man.

"One:  None of your business [where I'm going] . . .

"Two:  I'm in a car the last five hours, so how do I know how it feels to be out?"

"I've been in Nowhere USA for the last nine years doing nothing.  Nothing has changed in my life.  What do you expect? . . . Now please, can I have a break here?  Thank you.  God bless, take care, guys."

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