Stats on Hopeless Romantics

It's not your fault if you're a hopeless romantic.  Blame it on Disney movies, romantic comedies, and "The Bachelorette" always making you believe that THIS time it's really going to work out.

A new survey tried to gauge how many people are hopeless romantics versus being more down to Earth.  Here are the results . . .

1.  23% of people believe there's ONE soulmate for you in the world, and another 72% think we can have multiple soulmates.

2.  18% believe in love at first sight.

3.  89% like big romantic gestures, like chasing someone down before their plane leaves for art school in Paris to profess your love.

4.  49% of people would be fine being single for the rest of their life.

5.  35% would marry for money.

6.  It's split 50-50 on whether people say they could forgive someone who cheated on them.

7.  And finally, 9% of people love Valentine's Day . . . 11% hate it . . . and the other 80% are somewhere in the middle. 


KTRH Connected with Rachel Estrada

KTRH Connected with Rachel Estrada

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