What Are The Most Important Invention from All 50 States?

Researchers in Kansas recently put together a list of each state's best invention that's made the biggest impact on the world.

It's debatable, but the Internet might be the most important invention on the list.  A professor at M.I.T. in Massachusetts came up with it in the late '80s.

A few more big ones include:

  • The iPhone, California
  • The personal computer, Florida
  • The cotton gin, Georgia
  • The TV, Idaho
  • The assembly line, Michigan
  • The ATOM BOMB, New Mexico
  • The credit card, New York
  • The airplane, North Carolina
  • The automobile, Ohio.

A few that aren't QUITE on that level are:

  • The kayak, Alaska
  • The taser, Arizona 
  • The surfboard, Hawaii
  • The vacuum cleaner, Missouri
  • The ski lift, Nebraska 
  • Blue jeans, Nevada
  • Cream of Wheat, North Dakota
  • The parking meter, Oklahoma
  • Diners, Rhode Island
  • The modern shovel handle, Wyoming.
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