The Safest Drug VS. Least Safe

Good news for fans of the band Phish . . . or pretty much any white person with dreadlocks.  According to a new study, magic mushrooms are the SAFEST recreational drug.  Or at least they're the least likely to land you in the E.R.

A survey of more than 12,000 people who copped to doing mushrooms last year found only 0.2% of them ended up in the hospital.  That's about five times lower than people who did things like ecstasy, LSD, and cocaine.

That doesn't mean mushrooms are TOTALLY safe.  Overdoses are somewhat unheard of, but they CAN cause panic attacks.  And some idiots DRIVE on them, or do other stupid stuff.  Plus they're illegal, obviously.

Marijuana was the SECOND least-dangerous drug they looked at . . . 0.6% of users ended up in the E.R. because of it.

That's compared to about 5% of people who did meth, the MOST dangerous drug last year.  The study didn't include heroin or legal opiates like Vicodin though.

They looked at nine different drugs altogether.  Here they are ranked from most to least dangerous:  Meth . . . synthetic marijuana . . . alcohol . . . ecstasy . . . speed and other amphetamines . . . cocaine . . . LSD . . . marijuana . . . and mushrooms. 

(Global Drug Survey)

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