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POLL QUESTION: Do you believe the Houston crime numbers?

Mayor Sylvester Turner likes to tout the latest FBI data showing violent crime is down across Houston, but the devil is always in the details.

There's always a perception versus reality when it comes to crime your neighborhood. Some argue Democrat-run cities have simply given up reporting it.

"If you really want to know how things are really going, go talk to your beat cops. Go to talk to people in the community. Ask them what they're experiencing in real life," says Julie Warren, deputy director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Right on Crime initiative.

She says crime stats vary from state-to-state and department-to-department.

"Some of them do it better than others. Some of them have the capability to do it better than others. So there's always a little bit room for error, and maybe a lack of understanding and blanks to fill in when you look at the FBI data."

Recidivism also is a major concern, especially with progressive prosecutors and judges offering a revolving door at courthouses nationwide.

Warren says there needs to be more emphasis on the risk a violent offender poses to the public, rather than if they can afford to bond out of jail.

"They're saying can you pay or can't you pay? Not only is that a poor barometer for public safety, it contributes to bad government."

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