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POLL QUESTION: A four day week for schools??

Crosby ISD will soon make a decision on becoming the first Harris County district to adopt a four-day school week.

The district claims a four-day week will help attract badly needed teachers. Some parents spoke out against the proposal during a meeting last week.

"Are we really considering the impact it's going to have on our kids?" one mother asked KPRC 2. "With my kid being home one day extra a week, what is he going to be doing? Because parents, we're not going to be there."

At least one student says he's excited for three-day weekends.

"This would give me a lot more time to do homework or talk with friends, or go places."

Four Liberty County districts already have switched to a four-day week, or will this fall. For many, the jury is still out.

Melissa Martin with Innovative Teachers of Texas calls it a band aid for a much larger problem.

"The behavior of students on every level. Almost from every campus you will hear teachers complain about the lack of accountability for discipline issues."

"If that's not going to change, even in a four-day work week, it honestly could be something that teachers could really dread."

Crosby ISD is allowing parents to weigh in on the issue. A decision is expected at Monday's meeting.

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