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POLL QUESTION: Are you living in fear?

So just what kind of a toll, is all of this doom and gloom caused by the Biden administration taking on us? A new poll shows that nearly 3 in 4 young adults live in fear every single day. Even the ones who still live at home with Mom and Dad!

There are a couple of key items that the numbers have in common.

Number one: "The media has played a role in stoking fear over violence" said Brittany Hughes, managing editor with the Media Research Center, "Now, they tend to pick and choose what violence they harp on, and what they choose to ignore, and so I think that there is a general fear that they instill in the public, that death and danger are lurking around every corner."

The study found that that majority of younger Americans feel concerned about their personal safety on a daily basis. Specifically, dark streets, neighborhoods, parking garages, and riding alone were all at the top of the list.

The second item in common, along with the media: Where the fear is highest. "In predominantly Democrat led, blue cities, that have seen incredible, and staggering increases in crime" Hughes told KTRH, "They're more concerned with defunding the police, than they are with getting this crime under control, and making sure that their residents are safe."

And of course, adding fuel to the proverbial fire, is the constant negativity that comes from social media.

The study concluded that most find that a home security system is the top safety measure, followed by a dog, and then cameras or motion lights. Surprisingly, the piece did not bring up firearms, or gun control.

That leads us to today's poll question.

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