Cop arrests DoorDash driver, then completes food delivery

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, police officer Sam Buhr delivered an Arby’s order Tuesday afternoon, just after slapping handcuffs on the food's DoorDash driver.

The moment was captured in a Ring doorbell video

“I know I’m not who you were expecting, but your driver got arrested for some things he didn’t take care of,” Buhr tells a woman who answered the door.

The nonprofit organization Tea Storm Chasers, which monitors police scanners, uploaded the clip to its Facebook page, where it's been viewed around 900,000 times. The group reports the DoorDash driver had been stopped for a traffic violation, then arrested when Buhr learned he was wanted for outstanding warrants.

Hundreds have commented on the clip, with Oxfordcommaordeath saying, "Taking the 'serve' part of their motto to an extra level!"

Life_Piece_394 joked, "The real crime here is she doordashed Arby's."

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