Georgia officer on TikTok decries policing struggles

An emotional TikTok video by Atlanta Police Major Kelvin Dingle has gone viral, with the cop crying as laments the increasing polarized environment around policing.

In the clip, Dingle says, "I'm tired. I am so goddamn tired. I wake up every morning and kiss my family goodbye, knowing there's a possibility I won't come home."

Dingle, sitting in his car, notes not all cops are bad apples. "All of us are not bad," he says. "I am not as they are. Most of us are not. There are bad people in every career. I am so goddamn tired, tired, tired," he says with exasperation.

Dingle is the operations commander in the Morehouse School of Medicine's public safety office. He often discusses his experiences on TikTok, where his bio says he's an "inspirational speaker" and "Christian Youth counselor."

PHOTO: Creative Commons