POLL QUESTION: The last line of defense

Some call them the last line of defense.

They are the 26 Republican Attorney Generals, the only ones standing between the Biden administration's massive spending, and radical left agenda.

Led by Ken Paxton of Texas, the AG's have already filed multiple lawsuits over the last couple of months on everything from immigration, the Keystone pipeline, abortion rights, and even some of the pork that was in the $1.9 trillion dollar Covid relief bill.

Paxton recently told Fox News, "More AG's are speaking out on a President that is out of control already. I don't think there's anything more important today that we can address."

Josh Blackman, professor at the South Texas College of Law told KTRH, "Republicans are trying to prevent Biden from going too far with his executive power."

That takes us to today's poll question.

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