POLL QUESTION: Is America on the verge of changing forever?

As the mainstream media and the left get set to usher in their democrat duo, should the rest of us wave goodbye to the America we all know and love? It's sad that we even have to ask the question, let alone consider it. But that's where we are with a little over a week to go until January 20th. Not only was the election stolen, the rigged courts refuse to even look at the evidence. Political analyst Robert Gonzalez told KTRH "All is not lost, but America is reeling and on life support." So how did we get to this point? Ed Brodow attempted to spell it out for American Thinker. Brodow told KTRH, "The sad thing is, the democrats have managed to weasel their way into big tech, wall street, academia, and the media. All these areas are taking the position of the left." And Brodow says they really did so during the previous 8 years, before President Trump.

That leads us to the poll question today.