POLL QUESTION: Is resistance futile?

Now that Democrats control a tie-breaking vote in the Senate, expect them to push through legislation aimed at keeping their control for years to come.

There's already talk of granting statehood to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, and possibly packing the Supreme Court. But The American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord says it's the stuff not being talked about that scares him.

"Something as big as changing election rules in their favor, they would pretty much expect a united party vote," he says. "So that's more of a problem for the American people and certainly for Republicans."

But he says having the majority is no guarantee.

"There are going to be Democrats out there that are going to be reluctant to go for some of this -- the Green New Deal and other things of that nature," Lord says. "A number of them are going to be up for re-election themselves, so it's not as cut and dry."

That leads us to our poll question today.