This is the best way to scare someone this Halloween

Pennywise? Boring. Chucky, Jason and Ghostface? Ho hum. If you really want to scare someone this Halloween, your costume has got to be Karen.

That's what Kamoras Costumes is saying.

The Etsy retailer bills its new — and fast-selling — latex rubber “Karen” mask as “the scariest thing you can be on Halloween.” Retailing for $180, the handmade mask is a riff on the viral “Karen” archetype — typically, a white, middle-aged woman who wants to speak to the manager or call the police — that’s picked up steam over the past year thanks to a series of highly publicized incidents involving anti-mask protests and complaints against Black people. This “Karen” sports the trademark choppy haircut, with yellowed teeth caught in an angry snarl and eyes reddened to a monstrous effect.

Check it out below. Read more HERE.