Movies: Morbius Trailer, The Irishman, Oscars, Zoe Kravitz talks Catwoman

Check out the first trailer for the vampire flick "Morbius", starring JARED LETO. 

The character is part of the "Spider-Man" universe.

AL PACINO uses a certain curse word in "The Irishman" . . . and he uses it a lot. 

Al Pacino’s role as murdered union leader Jimmy Hoffa in “The Irishman” has been called some as of the best work of his career… and one that just so happened to require him to call a lot of people “c—suckers.”

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The Oscar Nominations Are Out, and J-Lo Was Snubbed! 

The Oscar nominees have been announced, and"Joker"was showered with 11 nominations. "The Irishman","1917", and"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", were next with 10. "The Oscars"will air February 9th on AB

Nominations Listed Here

Zoe Kravitz Talks “Catwoman”

Zoe Kravitz is getting ready to play Catwoman in “The Batman.” In addition to fitting for the iconic costume, she said that training has been hard. “[It’s] very physical. I come home just limping every day,” she told Ellen DeGeneres.