Nothing like a temperature drop of 20 degrees in 20 minutes to snap you into attention. Guess that’s why it’s called a cold snap. We certainly have one; an arctic blast in the northern states. But here, more an awakening to a change of pace.

Like many Texans, I welcome the change, just for the sake of it, for the happiness of change. Maybe that’s why we laughed off the story today from the UN that says we are unhappy in America, the worst level in decades. Really? We’ve posted the report and expert interview here.

Personally, I’m a bit worried about all the lemons, limes and oranges I’m trying to grow; they are just shy of being ready to pick. But we’ll see how they do. I say brr-ing on the chill; it’s overall a happy thing.

Hint, it will get back up in the 70's by next week.

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