Fryer Feature: NEW BASEBALL?


I’ve loved baseball my entire life, as a fan of pro teams and players and legendary radio guys calling the games. As a kid, I played with my brother and friends in our big back yard, then behind the school with classmates, tomboy girls and Little League boys. League softball and pickup games with other adults was my passion as I started my tv career in Austin. And my old Louisville slugger is still my favorite bat. I’ve understood the rules of the game, the stats, and yes, I guess I understand the strategy of the Yankees, who took a tip from Tampa, in this quick cycling of pitchers in this current playoff series. To my and any Astros fan’s dismay…it worked on Saturday night.

But was it fun? To watch, I mean. I get the pitcher’s duel….if you want to call it a duel when you’re rotating several of yours against the lone starter of ours in the early innings… is this the new baseball? In my playbook, it just takes the oomph out of it…no joy in my Mudville with that.

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