Fryer Feature: The Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger James Holland is in headlines around the world this week, after getting confessions from a serial killer to some 100 murders over a period of decades.RangerHolland is quickly and simply a legend-in-the-making for his ability to solve cold cases through his interrogation techniques.

In this case, of now 79 year old killer Sam Little, the interrogations are actually long-ranging conversations over grits and Dr Pepper, brought to the jail by Ranger Holland.Little is serving life for 3 California murders, and some 57 others from Florida to Arizona are now confirmed solved because of the Ranger’s effort.

One report quotes the killer as describingRanger Holland as “some kind of cowboy from Mars”.Indeed, media outside Texas, seem in awe of the lanky 6’3” man, whom they almost gush over, describing as affable, wearing a Stetson and carrying an ivory handled 1911 sidearm.

Texans think, of course he’s a Texas Ranger.



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