Fryer Feature: Mounting Mont St Michael


Normandy, France

Rain, rip tides and fierce winds are the order of this day in Normandy, even as my fellow Texans comment on the heat back at home. So sorry for it, but triple digit heat index is quickly forgotten in this 55 degrees.

We traveled to the island fortress

Of Mont St Michel....monastery, one time prison, church and monastery again, built one upon another over a period of 1000 years. Changing politics, religious and international wars ....the mountain church of the warrior arch angel Michael has many stories to tell.... and many stories to climb. I didn’t count the steps, but we did them to the top. The tour guide actually asked 25 Texans if we wanted to pull back before the final assault. Ha! Don’t think she is aware of Texas history, but we are doing our best to live up to it. Tomorrow it is on to Utah Beach and the Peace Museum at Caen as we retrace that particular part of D Day history, a mere 75 years ago. A demain. ‘Til tomorrow.


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