WATCH: Beto tells CNN Trump should resign (he wasn't joking)

So, what do you do if your Presidential campaign, the one that the mainstream media hyped up to an extreme degree, can't get off the ground? You say as many outlandish things as you can on as many television interviews that you can get yourself booked on.

That's exactly what Beto O'Rourke has done.

The former El Paso Congressman has not made the kind of impact on the 2020 race that his supporters thought he would. He has not been the transformative candidate people thought they saw in his race against Ted Cruz last year, and now he's just saying things that make you scratch your head in an attempt to get anyone to pay attention to him.

Consider last night's interview on CNN with Erin Burnett. Beto talked about the President resigning from office. No, he said it. With a straight face, too.

Check it out below and read more HERE.



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