Those virtuous saviors of the planet; the smug who think that electric vehicles are the answer to the evil of carbon and thus our safety. Saw a story today that made me recall my thoughts of the Imelda rains and flooding here.

The story was a police officer near San Francisco, driving a Tesla, in a chase with a suspect, who hit the gas and took off. The officer had to abandon pursuit because he only had 6 miles left of battery power. Classic case of unicorn wishes vs. reality. That’s something I was thinking when I encountered all the high water of Imelda, in a line of trucks making our way through, until I didn’t. So while I waited on a big, flatbed tow, I wondered what if we were all in electric cars in rapidly rising waters? What if our high water rescues were dependent on electric boats, fire trucks? How does that virtue work in the real world?



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