Are young, white liberals moving to Texas to turn it blue?

If you believe the analysis, young, white liberals are moving to Texas to turn the state blue.

According to the Atlantic's analysis, the Democrat voting margin went from 130 thousand in 2012 to 800 thousand last year in five counties including Harris County. Chuck DeVore with the Texas Public Policy Foundation told KTRH it's something to take notice of if you believe the numbers.

"Political parties always need to be on the watch because nothing lasts forever in politics, especially American politics," DeVore said.

He also says this is not a surprise at all.

"What you are going to see in Texas and the rest of the country is that your major urban cores are going to be tilted to the left," DeVore stated.

In fact, Devore says Texas' major cities have been run by Democrats for years and continue to have issues with crime and high cost of living.

It's also the case that even though the big cities in Texas have been run by the left, no Democrat has won a statewide election since 1994.



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