Sexy 'Mr. Rogers' costume is coming out just in time for Halloween

Nothing is sacred when it comes to Yandy’s Halloween costume collection, not even beloved children’s television hosts.

The company known for its hyper-sexual, and controversial, costumes has released its newest one, the “Nicest Neighbor” outfit, which appears to be a tighter and shorter female version of its Mr. Rogers-themed “Be My Neighbor” option.

The “Nicest Neighbor” comes with what looks like a variation on the late children’s television icon’s signature tie and sweater, though this one is cropped to show off the wearer’s midriff, and has a plunging neckline, which the tiny tie tucks into.

In addition to the snug zip-up sweater top is a pair of grey hot pants, which resemble a much, much shorter version of Mr. Fred Rogers’ grey dress pants.

The costume and lingerie online retailer has had “sexy” versions of celebrities in the past, including a Meghan Markle wedding costume and “sexy” “The Handmaid’s Tale” costume, which was eventually pulled due to backlash.

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