He was armed with a baseball bat and an accomplice, robbing the concession stand of a local drive in movie theater. The owner was armed too, with a gun. Reports that he hit her with his weapon and strength, the bat, she returned the hit with hers; the gun, and now he’s dead. The accomplice got away.

Don’t know how far this news will spread or even if it makes a blip on your day. But I think about these things, for women in particular, and the girls leaving high school and headed out into the world, and even campuses. In the rush to limit and even take guns from the law-abiding, how much right to life are we denying them? Some states passing a 21-year age requirement for licensed gun ownership. How does that help a woman, in particular, when confronted with a bat wielding, knife or machete wielding, fist clobbering attacker, if she’s not yet 21? Gun violence is real, but it comes from criminals, and too many deaths with gun suicide.

In the rush to “so something” shouldn’t we think of that?



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