LOOK: Texas lawmaker has PERFECT response to Beto coming for his AR-15

Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke, who has been lagging at the bottom of the 2020 Democratic Presidential race, used his spot on the stage last night at Texas Southern University to tell you what we all know Democrats want to do; take your guns from you.


That did not sit well at all with Texas State Representative Brisoe Cain, who fired off a quick reply to Beto on Twitter.

That seemingly unnerved Beto, who hit back with his own Tweet, and did it in a way typical of the left.


But Cain had the perfect response.


It doesn't look like what happened last night is going to help Beto and his campaign. But his, uh, catchy slogan might help him make a few bucks by selling t-shirts. Because that's exactly what he's doing.



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