Julian Castro questions Joe Biden's memory at Houston debate (VIDEO)

In the end, Julian Castro isn't going to win the Democratic Presidential nomination. He probably won't even be on the ticket. His campaign might not last much past Iowa, if it even gets to Iowa. But he certainly will have at least one moment to remember when he looks back at his run.

During the debate at Texas Southern University last night, Castro, whose brother Joaquin has been in hot water since doxxing Trump supporters over the summer, took a shot at Joe Biden's memory during a discussion about health care. It was snarky. It drew some gasps from the crowd. And it looks like it ticked off Biden in the process. You can check it out below.

The analysts KTRH talked to after the debate ended all agreed that what happened last night changed nothing. Biden is still the front runner. Castro is still an afterthought.

But he will always have his two minutes of fame.



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