Greenpeace demonstrators saw their opportunity for fame, and Piper was one of the them; on the Fred Hartman bridge tying up vehicular traffic from early morning rush hour through evening rush hour too. The Sheriff’s office finally started making those bridge arrests after 5 pm. But it was well into the night before officers moved on those interfering with the ship channel itself; 11 protesters dangling in a web of harnesses from the bridge, for 12 hours and more, endangering the responders who had to rappel to them and then lower them to boats below.

The Sheriff says that’s why it took so long to clear what was staged to be and actually was an assault on this country’s most vital lane of energy. Piper bragged about it on a Facebook Live post which we played on Houston’s Morning News. Hearing her, it’s easy to laugh this off. Not so funny if you were among the thousands of refinery and industry workers, truckers who paid the price for the stunt. Ignore at your peril; there are entire boatloads of these protesters who want to kill Texas energy, and sadly, voters and candidates who want to as well.



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