LOOK: Liberals lose their minds over Melania Trump's coat in 9/11 pic

The left is triggered by many things. They imagine a lot of it, too. Like Melania Trump's coat.

The coat became a topic of conversation on Twitter, of course. The 'controversy started' with President Trump's Tweet showing he and Melania overlooking an unfamiliar seen with 'We Will Never Forget' on it.

Well, some liberal with a lot of time on their hands decided it was a good idea to enlarge the picture of Melania to check out her coat. The result was nothing short of a head scratcher.


Ms. Spivey went as far as to enlarge the picture and post it separately.

Unfortunately for rational thinking people, Spivey was not the only one who thought along those lines.


If your head hasn't exploded yet because of what some of these people are thinking, you can read more HERE.


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