It’s the most active period of Atlantic Hurricane Season each year, this 6 week period spanning August into September. The weather has lived up to it, as 3 tropical systems are spinning as I write.

But the reality of hurricane season every year can get turned into hysteria when media and politicians spin their own storm. The devastation of the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian that began as a category 5 Hurricane and then sat over the islands fort 36 hours as a Cat 3 brought quick condemnation on America and the American President for failing to equate the storm with global warming.

It was a note of reality, sanity, actually, to listen to meteorologist and author Roy Spencer on Houston’s Morning News, who told us there is no long-term trend in occurrence or intensity of storms since the year 1900, long before CO2 emissions hysteria. Listen to the podcast HERE where he blames“political agendas rather than facts on the ground.”



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