Beer to go and booze delivered to your doorstep; those are just some of the new laws going into effect in Texas on September 1st. Look for expansion of some of your gun rights, changes to the use of revenues from DWI citations, .and so much more.

Actually there are 820 new laws. Who said the Texas legislature was inactive this session? But that’s a long list. We’ve tried to link you to the best synopsis John Labus could find. But, really; isn’t it complicated enough trying to be a law-abiding citizen without the complications of more and seemingly always increasing laws at all levels. I mean mail theft is a federal crime, but now it’s also a crime under Texas law; will it make a difference?

In these many new laws passed and signed this year are some that correct mistakes or scope of previous laws. Now that’s a dog chasing his tail; ready for the 2021 legislative session?



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