LOOK: Abbott 'cheats' on Chick-fil-A

We all know how much Governor Greg Abbott loves Chick-fil-A. After the fast food giant was kicked out of the airport in San Antonio over its political beliefs, he signed what turned into the 'Sace Chick-fil-A' bill. So you know he loves Chick-fil-A.

But, apparently, even the Governor wants to switch things up once in a while.


We should probably give him a break. Popeyes debuted its new chicken sandwich, started the 'Chicken Sandwich Wars' with Chick-fil-A, and even made news by selling out of the sandwich it debuted. So let's lay off the governor for this one time thing.

Besides, it could have been worse. He could have tried something like KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken, right?


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