It is one big grapefruit, weighing almost 8 pounds and about the circumference of a basketball. Mary Beth and Doug Meyer grew it in their yard in Slidell, Louisiana.The Guinness Book has awarded them the world record. Color me envious. I’m just trying to grow a single, normal grapefruit, and all I get are leaves and thorns on my grapefruit tree. Don’t know what variety their grapefruit is.

I’m a big fan of Texas red/pink grapefruit myself. I’m relishing the season still ahead of all that grapefruit coming out of the Valley. I just didn’t think I would be so unsuccessful at growing my own. Randy Lemmon of KTRH Gardenline, do you hear my call?

But congratulation to the Meyer family on their grapefruit.Meyer isn’t that a variety of lemon, Randy Lemmon. Sometimes life is just strange.



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