UT professor calls Trump, and Trump supporters 'Nazis'

The liberal bias at college campuses, including the University of Texas at Austin keeps getting worse.

With one U-T Professor, Alex Wild, calling President Trump and his supporters 'Nazis' on Twitter.


Lily Bonnin with the Young Conservatives of Texas at UT-Austin tells KTRH she was shocked because a professor did it.

"These are some pretty heavy accusations to be throwing around," Bonnin explained. "We keep seeing this from the left, but for someone in academia, I would hope he would have something to back up those claims."

As it turns out, he doesn't. What he has done instead, is threaten to dox people that disagree with him.


Bonin says that crosses a line.

"He's saying that he would do something akin to doxxing," Bonnin said. "That's certainly something that the university should not consider. It's not just speech it's a professional that they employ. I think that any professional workplace setting would question statements like that."

U-T, in a statement to Campus Reform earlier this month, said "members of the University community have a right to hold, vigorously defend, and express their personal ideas and opinions."

KTRH tried to contact the professor, but he did not return our email.

University of Texas (UT) Austin campus at sunset aerial view


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