I awoke to the words of KTRH’s Eric Sharp with a forecast heat index this day as high as 112 degrees.

It has been one of those Augusts, with a string of those “feels like” hitting triple digits. But it’s not as hot as it’s been before. Remember the summer of 1980? Houston reported 32 days of temperatures reaching 100 degrees or more and we hit our all-time high temperature of 107 on August 23 I don’t know what the “feels like” indices were back then, but I do remember how hot it was that summer 39 years ago.

Pretty timely for Houston’s Morning News to discuss NASA predictions of Earth now entering a cooling phase. It’s all about the complex planetary system in which we revolve. Thinking about that as I arrived to work under that waning crescent moon in our EASTERN sky, and the Super Moon dark Moon this weekend.



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