Our great news editor John Labus labeled this the green “no deal,” as in the proposal for the Democrat candidates to hold a separate televised “debate “as they call them; on the shibboleth (as I call it) of climate change. No deal on the green debate was the quick reaction of the DNC, knowing how that would play to most of America.

But here comes Bernie! The top socialist candidate for President has revealed his own green plan. Imagine it will only cost 16 trillion dollars to wipe out all fossil fuel use over the next 8 years.

Gee; our national debt currently stands at 23 trillion, so what’s 16 trillion more? Sanders claims some of it would be paid for by the fossil fuel producers; 3 trillion in fines from lawsuits. That’s one way to end the industry. He also wants to put oil executives on trial facing criminal charges of harming the climate.

Think the DNC is wise to keep this off the front page.



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