WATCH: Scorned Scaramucci says Trump won't be GOP nominee next year

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci continued to go after President Trump with a prediction on cable TV last night that President Trump "will not" be the Republican nominee in 2020.

Scaramucci, who has done multiple cable news show interviews over the last few days, called Trump a "demagogue" and slammed what he called Trump's "disgusting" bullying of Americans.

And after telling Burnett that he wouldn't consider voting for a Democrat in 2020, the short-lived White House staffer wanted to "see what happens" going forward.

"I predict that he won't be the nominee," Scaramucci said about Trump.

You can read more HERE, and watch the clip from CNN below.


In another development, it seems that Scaramucci has developed a relationship with Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang.


President Trump has not responded to Scaramucci's latest attacks, but did take him on in some Tweets over the weekend.



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