Actor Danny Trejo saves baby from car after accident (VIDEO)

Danny Trejo became a real-life hero yesterday.

The actor best known for starring as Machete in Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids" and "Machete" films sprang to action in Los Angeles after he saw two cars collide and one of them flip over.

Inside the overturned car, "there was a baby inside and a grandma," Trejo told a local TV station. With help from a female bystander who unbuckled the child's seat belt, Trejo said, "I pulled the (trapped) baby out the other side."

According to Trejo, it looked like that the accident was caused by one driver running a red light. He shared video of himself and the other hero of the day, the young lady who unfastened the seat belt, discussing the accident on his Instagram page.

Read more HERE and check out his Instagram post below.



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