J.J. Watt of the Texans accidentally breaks kid's bike, vows to replace it

There's a tradition you will see if you go to training camp to watch the Green Bay Packers. Kids line up and let the players use their bicycles to go to and from the practice field. It's something J.J. Watt of the Texans saw when he was a kid growing up in Wisconsin. And he finally had the chance to take part in that tradition as the Texans had a joint practice with the Packers in Green Bay.


Unfortunately for Watt, and the child whose bike he was riding, it didn't work out that well.


Afterwards, Watt told ESPN that, "The bike that I was using was not equipped for a 290-pound man, and the seat broke off." He apologized, and as you would expect, he made sure the kid was taken care of at the end of the day.



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