Call me old school. One of the values I treasure is authenticity, letting things or who you are speak for themselves; whether it’s your actions, your beliefs, your style, or even what you produce. It’s a quirk of most Texans too; to appreciate the authentic, especially if it’s Texas authentic. Products like Blue Bell, Shiner, Whataburger, Dr Pepper quickly come to mind. In our native pride, we also tend to rally around some good marketing too; "Don’t Mess with Texas”, “Keep Austin Weird,” and such often morph beyond original authenticity. Will it work for a craft bee coming out of Blanco, Texas?

It bills itself as organic, low cal, low carb, low IBU (that International Bitterness Unit) beer. Not sure how authentic it is as old school beer goes. But here’s the marketing genius, at least to Texans; the beer is named Fireman’s Light with the tag line “for all y’all”. Now that might really sell.


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