They lashed out at each other … just a bit … those Democrat posers, but mostly it was a chorus of bashers against Donald Trump. The slurs,“He’s a racist, white nationalist,”to the wild applause of the audience. Sounded like a campaign rally led by CNN. Maybe you listened, but most of America did not. We were busy doing other things, like the guy in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky who fought off Big Foot with his gun, he says.

…. or the 10 year old girl in Kansas City who woke up hungry and took the family car to MacDonald's, except she got lost and caused a wreck trying to turn around. Unexpected, but normal, life for the rest of us, including a surprise mega trade by the Astros. A deal struck in just a 48 hour window that they say will bring another world championship to Houston. Take a look at the reaction by Justin Verlander, a reaction those candidates can only dream of.


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