More debate fallout: Memes, and Bernie has a heckler

The Democratic debate in Detroit last night did not fail to live up (or down) to our expectations. There was Marianne Williamson's eccentric performance, and enough fodder for people to create memes for the three hours the debate lasted. HERE is a link to a few of the best.

And while Bernie Sanders and Tim Ryan went to war over who "wrote the damn bill" when it comes to Medicare for all, there was another Sanders challenger, John Hickenlooper, who tried to use Bernie's wild hand motions against him.


By the way, that might be the best moment Hickenlooper has had in this campaign. He has not been able to gain any traction, and has been the subject of a lot of jokes, especially after admitting he took his mother to see the adult film classic 'Deep Throat' back when he was a college student.


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