Marianne Williamson dominates Google after another wild debate performance

Last night's debate was supposed to be about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. And sure, they had strong performances. But they didn't capture the imagination, or the internet, the way Houstonian Marianne Williamson did.

For the second straight debate, Williamson got people talking with some of the things she said; like this.


And then there was this.


Those are just two examples of the kind of things that Williamson said to get people interested. In fact, she was the most Googled candidate after the debate. And she continues to inspire funny internet memes, too.


No one asked Larry David if he was cool with this, or his alter ego, Bernie Sanders.


The next debates for the Democrats after tonight are September 12th and 13th here in Houston at Texas Southern University. In order to qualify, candidates will have to get 130,000 unique donors and receive the support of at least 2 percent of respondents in four qualifying polls. As of now Williamson has not qualified. But based on her performance last night, could that change?


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