Such a to-do about Tim Ryan …. The only Democrat Presidential hopeful to not place his hand on his heart for the National Anthem before the Detroit debate on Tuesday.

A similar to-do when President Obama placed his hands over his crotch during the anthem.

Many of us figure it’s whatever the etiquette we were taught; hand over heart for the Pledge, respectful posture for anthem.

This was long before “taking a knee” became a rallying point among the left. So is it etiquette or law?

Actually, it’s the Flag code, enacted by Congress in 1942 under Democrat President FDR. At that time the salute was something called the Bellamy salute; with an arm extended, almost like that of the Nazis. The code now reads hand over heart or non-uniformed men with hats (if they have them) over heart. Yes, it’s law, but without sanctions.In this day, anything goes, legally, because of that pesky First Amendment; and social justice influencers' ever-changing etiquette.



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