Analysts: Divisions inside Democratic Party clear to see during debate

The candidates running for President on the Democratic Party side of things last night started their second round of debates with three hours of socialism talk and taking shots at President Trump in Detroit.

On display was the clear division between moderates within the party, and those leaning towards socialism. Rice's Mark Jones says the strongest performances came from the center of the stage.

“Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had very strong debates. They fared very well against the moderate attacks on them,” Jones said.

Jones tells KTRH News that CNN helped the Democrats paint themselves as more moderate than they really are.

“They tried to frame many of the questions pairing the center of the party against the left wing,” Jones stated.

Conservative analyst and attorney Michele Byington told KTRH that all the candidates are wrong on issues like illegal immigration.

“The line that Trump is ripping babies out of the arms of their mothers as soon as they cross the border is something I found to be absolutely silly,” Byington explained.

And she says all of the talk about Medicare for all concerned her, too.

“They don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They don’t want us to be independent and make our own choices,” Byington said.

She did agree with Jones, though. You clearly saw the Democratic Party Civil War at play last night.

“All they agree on is ‘Trump is awful, Trump is a racist, and we are poor, broke and homeless,’” Byington joked.

The second night of debates comes up tonight, featuring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a rematch of what we saw a month ago in Miami.



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