Border patrol agents are stretched thin.There aren’t many good outcomes from that for the agents, the migrants, the American people, but as we learned it’s a boon to the cartels who rule our southern border. While law enforcers are tasked with social service duties, real crime of drug and human trafficking reaches increasing record levels.

We link you to an eye opening interview on Houston’s Morning News. Timely. Just last night I met a Houstonian, Army veteran, father to 3 kids who is a member of the Texas National Guard. He’ll be leaving his work with an engineering/energy firm here next month; among the new round of 1000 Texas guardsmen posted to support border patrol efforts, the social service duties, as Congress still won’t find a solution.

He doesn’t know how long he’ll need to be there, but he’s going with the desire to get the job done.

Customs And Border Patrol Keep Watch At U.S.-Canada Border


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