Approaching seven years now in radio and marveling how the circle has formed; of my current and future stepping on the heels of my past.

What? I’m talking about all those years of video gathering and broadcast in my TV background and now being able to do that on radio; thanks to the internet and social media, and the quick posting ability of Houston’s Morning News co-workers like Cliff Saunders.

Just this morning, the video of “The Squad’s” Rashida Talib going bat crazy at a Trump rally in 2016. The video of the Pasadena bank implosion. Or how about the 2 ½ year old who went missing because he drove his battery powered tractor to the county fair? Or, hey Cliff, can you put up the video of the great white shark almost jumping into the boat stealing a large fish just being reeled in? It’s there, and more.Every morning.

This radio news is really something to see.


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